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Do personal stories help or hurt your business?

SUMMARY (click here to read the entire article, with links to other articles)

  • Telling personal stories is an effective way to engage customers and humanize your brand.
  • Make sure the story relates to your company’s values or mission.
  • Use HubSpot’s guide to business storytelling as a resource when crafting stories.
  • Personal stories do not have to be about you—they can be about your customers too. 
  • When done well, telling personal stories can help you become known for what makes your business special and attract ideal clients.

Boost Your Productivity with These Practical Habits

SUMMARY (Click here for full article and links to additional articles)

  • Batching tasks allows you to group similar tasks together and focus on them for a specific
    period of time, improving concentration and allowing you to monotask rather than multitask.
  • “Eating the frog” is a productivity hack that prioritizes the most difficult task first, leading to
    feelings of accomplishment that can carry over into the rest of the day/week.
  • Automating your attention by turning off notifications, putting your phone on silent, and using
    online scheduling helps avoid distractions.
  • Power napping for 10-20 minutes before 2pm (or 5pm for night owls) can improve cognitive
    function and boost creativity.
  • Incorporating these habits can help increase productivity and make you more efficient –
    practice proactively to see real results. (Click here for full article and links to additional articles)

Mississippi Job Search Website

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If so, click here and visit Mississippi’s College Graduate Jobs website listing thousands of available positions.

(Some of them may not require a college degree, so it is worth checking out. In the search box, type in the City you desire to check, or if you are city-flexible, then type in a specific type job search for the whole state.)

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