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10 Innovative (and Cost-Free) Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

  • Leverage word of mouth by encouraging satisfied customers to share their experiences and offer referral incentives.
  • Form strategic partnerships with businesses that align with your values for mutual growth and community building.
  • Share your unique business story at local events and on your website to connect with your audience and stand out.
  • Start a blog to improve SEO, establish authority, and drive organic traffic with engaging, industry-related content.
  • Appear as a guest on podcasts to increase visibility and attract new customers interested in your expertise.
  • Offer free resources or samples to generate goodwill, attract new customers, and encourage sharing within their network.
  • Use YouTube to answer FAQs, establishing your expertise and driving traffic to your website through informative videos.
  • Engage on social media with regular, quality content and interactions to build a loyal following and stay on top of trends.

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The Tool Belt Generation: Revitalizing Our Workforce, One Trade at a Time 

  • Gen Z is exploring alternative career paths in trades like construction and mechanics, driven by the rising cost of college education.
  • The Tool Belt Generation prioritizes practical skills and vocational careers over traditional college degrees, influenced by the tangible outcomes and potential for higher initial pay.
  • The demand for skilled labor is creating opportunities, with governments and businesses offering incentives to attract the next generation of workers.
  •  Skilled trades are being recognized for their critical role in economic growth and innovation, leading to better salaries and benefits for workers.
  • Employers are adapting to attract this new generation, blending traditional work practices with modern, flexible environments to meet their preferences and ensure job satisfaction.

In today’s workforce, a new generation is adapting their skills to meet the demands of a changing job market. With the rising cost of college education, Gen Z is finding alternative career paths, turning to trades such as construction, mechanics, and electronics. This shift is creating a new wave of young professionals who are choosing practical skills over the traditional college route.

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Maximizing Your Influence in the Workplace: Strategies from Communication Expert Matt Abrahams

  • Enhance workplace influence through effective communication, including engaging storytelling, strategic pauses, and active listening.
  • Boost your value and influence by being reliable, taking on challenging tasks, and becoming the go-to expert in your field.
  • Build a wide network of authentic relationships across the company to gain support and share diverse viewpoints.
  • Maintain a positive and resilient attitude, amplifying others’ ideas and collaborating in good faith to inspire and lead.
    In the rapid and competitive nature of today’s work environment, possessing the skills to influence others, make decisive choices, and steer projects to success has never been more crucial. Matt Abrahams, a communications expert, Stanford professor, and the author of Think Faster, Talk Smarter, provides insightful advice for making an impact in the workplace. Read on to discover three of his most effective strategies to excel professionally.

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(Some of them may not require a college degree, so it is worth checking out. In the search box, type in the City you desire to check, or if you are city-flexible, then type in a specific type job search for the whole state.)

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