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Get the Lowdown on Google Search Rankings–Should You Add ‘Near Me’ to Your Business Name?

  • Adding ‘near me’ to a business name does not guarantee improved search rankings
  • Google Business Profile is crucial for improving local search rankings
  • Factors like relevance, distance, and prominence influence how businesses rank in local search results
  • Building a strong online presence and optimizing for local keywords are effective strategies
  • There are no shortcuts to improving search rankings – prioritize creating a visible, trustworthy and relevant brand.

Picture this: a hungry customer searches for the nearest Chinese food restaurant on Google. If you’re the restaurant owner, how do you ensure that your business pops up in the customer’s search results? One popular SEO trend is to include the phrase ‘near me’ in your business name. But does it really work? In this article, we’ll answer this question and highlight other proven methods to improve your Google search ranking.

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