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Olive Branch FAQs


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1. Where can I get a voter registration form?

You can find one here. You can also pick one up from City Hall.

2. Where do I buy my car tags?

Car tags are purchased from the DeSoto County Tax Collector located at 6569 Cockrum Street. The phone number is 662-469-8032

3. Do you have a relocation packet available?

Yes. You can call or come by our office.

4. When are your craft shows and who do I need to contact for information?

For information on Octoberfest, held on the 1st Saturday in October, please contact Olive Branch Parks & Recreation, (662) 893-5219.

5. What is the number for the social security office and where are they located?

The phone number for the Social Security office in Olive Branch is: 866-739-4771 M-F 9-4 located at 8760 Midsouth Dr.

6. Where do I get my driver’s license?

Visit our Where Do I? page. You can find this and many other answers there.

7. How can I get a map of Olive Branch and DeSoto county?

Come by the Chamber of Commerce office. We have map books and maps available for sale. Our address is 9123 Pigeon Roost Ave.

8. How far is Olive Branch from the Memphis airport?

The Memphis International Airport is about 15 minutes away.

9. What is the population of Olive Branch and DeSoto County?

The population of the Olive Branch zip code is 38,149. The population of DeSoto county is 184,945.

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