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Maximizing Your Influence in the Workplace: Strategies from Communication Expert Matt Abrahams

  • Enhance workplace influence through effective communication, including engaging storytelling, strategic pauses, and active listening.
  • Boost your value and influence by being reliable, taking on challenging tasks, and becoming the go-to expert in your field.
  • Build a wide network of authentic relationships across the company to gain support and share diverse viewpoints.
  • Maintain a positive and resilient attitude, amplifying others’ ideas and collaborating in good faith to inspire and lead.
    In the rapid and competitive nature of today’s work environment, possessing the skills to influence others, make decisive choices, and steer projects to success has never been more crucial. Matt Abrahams, a communications expert, Stanford professor, and the author of Think Faster, Talk Smarter, provides insightful advice for making an impact in the workplace. Read on to discover three of his most effective strategies to excel professionally.

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