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Why Understanding Workplace Personality Boosts Company Culture

SUMMARY (click here to read the entire article, with links to other articles)
No two people are wired the same way, so understanding what motivates employees benefits both workers and employers alike. What’s motivating your employees?  Workers want a lot more than a paycheck and job flexibility. In fact, some of what they want is rooted in personality and workplace psychology. Read this article and the links included on the four different types of workplace personalities and why they matter.

  • The differences between the four types: Go-Getters, Loyalists, Career Builders, and Lifers.
  • Who needs more flexibility and who needs more predictability.
  • How to motivate high achievers and help them avoid burnout.
  • The differences between a loyalist and a lifer. 
  • How to support career builders to grow with you instead of switching jobs.